Iorn On RC Hinge Tape  
x hinge- iron on  
 Made in the USA

RC Aircraft Hinge Tape

This is the most self explanatory procedure and product that is obvious in it's simplicity.

I was looking for a hinge material for my RC Aircraft. Then I heard about this idea or a discussion about it somewhere on the web. Then tried to find something like it. But there was non to be found. So here it is.

Iron On Fabric X Hinge Tape for control surfaces
Bonds to balsa wood with Heat Iron
Forms an X at the joint to maintain airfoil design across the control surface with out turbulence that causes the control surface to flutter.
This is Fuel Proof, Glueable and Permanent.
Iron On then cover or paint.
Two widths 1.5" and 2"

If you have any questions about using the rc aircraft "x" hinge tape. Please do no hesitate to contact me directly.

Have fun and make a RC Plane with your children!

LeRoy Grubbs


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